What is an anagram?

An anagram is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The word “flea” is an anagram of the word “leaf.” The phrase “Grotesque Tables II” is an anagram of the phrase “Oblique Strategies.”

What is
Grotesque Tables II?

Grotesque Tables II is a series of cards created by Noah Wall. The first edition was released in 2016. The cards are anagrams of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies. Letters from the original deck have been transposed into new prompts. Breathe more deeply becomes Elope by mere thread. Be less critical more often becomes Be frictionless latecomer. Use an old idea becomes Add unease oil. There are fifty cards in each deck. Purchase

What is
Oblique Strategies?

Oblique Strategies (Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) is a deck of cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt and first published in 1975. Purchase

From intro to 2001 edition:

“These cards evolved from separate observations of the principles underlying what we were doing. Sometimes they were recognised in retrospect (intellect catching up with intuition), sometimes they were identified as they were happening, sometimes they were formulated. They can be used as a pack, or by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation. In this case the card is trusted even if its appropriateness is quite unclear...”
Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

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Are the decks available to stores
for resale?

Yes. Wholesale and consignment arrangements are available. Please email for more info.

Is there a Grotesque Tables I?
No, the phrase “Grotesque Tables II” is an anagram of the phrase “Oblique Strategies”. The two i's (II) are part of this anagram.

What is Gross?
Gross is an ongoing showcase of things people are making and doing with Grotesque Tables II prompts. So far, this includes art, music, food, and writing. View Gross